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SKIAS engineering Technical Office, legally represented by Ioannis Skias, created and owns the web site which offers its products and services under the here-in mentioned Terms of Use & Service. The visitor/user of the site is called to read carefully and proceed in visiting/using these pages/services or electronic purchase of products/services of only provided that he/she accepts these Terms of Use & Service completely.


SKIAS engineering T.O. provides the visitors/users of web site with updated information and support with regard to its activities, products and services as well as the possibility of electronic purchasing of its products and services (e-commerce). The existing, as well as any new services, included in the are subject to these Terms of Use & Services, unless expressly stated otherwise. The visitor/user of services of comprehends and accepts that the total of pages/services is provided "as is" and the SKIAS engineering T.O. renounces any responsibility regarding the limited time duration, the deletion, the poor performance or the weakness of electronic storage of any user data. The visitor/user has the responsibility of access to the products and services of and the respective access may require payment of fees to third-party institutions (eg Internet Service Providers, time debit for accessing internet). The visitor/user has the exclusive responsibility of payment of the respective fees. Also, the visitor/user is exclusively responsible for his/her personal equipment with the essential technological means that allow him/her the access to the products and services of


If a visitor/user wishes to proceed with an electronic purchase he/she should register with after having accepted the Terms of Use & Service and completed the registration process of his/her personal data. As soon as the visitor/user completes the registration process set by, he/she will receive a user name and a personal access code (password) confirmation. The user agrees to: a) provide true, precise, valid and complete information into the data fields asked from in the registration and order forms and b) maintain and assiduously update his/her registration data so that it is maintained true, precise, valid, informed and complete. The registered members remain exclusively responsible for all actions made under their personal user name, password and their account in general. The members agree to immediately inform of any non authorized use of their account and any done and/or potential violation of security. Also, the members are exclusively accountable for the careful use of their account and the formal exit from their account after the end of each use (Logout). is not accountable for any fault or damage that may result from the weakness of members to respect and follow this term. After the creation of the account, its deletion is possible only by contacting


The users/members agree not to make use of services for:

  1. Posting, publishing, transmitting, transferring or use of other method for the installation of content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, detrimental, defamatory, rude, violent, abusive, racist or otherwise unacceptable, offenses the personality and personal data of others, causes emotions of hate, and/or any other penal crime.
  2. Causing damage to minors by any means.
  3. Imitating any legal or individual entity or false statement on the identity of user/member or misleading statement regarding the relation and/or collaboration of user/member with some other legal or individual entity.
  4. Counterfeiting or other altering of users/members identification aiming to the misleading of the origin of a content that is transmitted via the services
  5. Posting, publishing, transmitting, transferring or use of other method for the installation of content from an individual that does not have the right to allocate the particular content on the basis of law or confidential relation.
  6. Posting, publishing, transmitting, transferring or use of other method for the installation of software or content of any form (text, picture, sound, video, animation) that violates any intellectual property rights of any institution (included commercial secrets).
  7. Posting, publishing, transmitting, transferring or use of other method for the installation of self-appointed or not authorized advertisement or other product promotional content, the transmission of electronic messages (e-mails) undesirable and not invited by the recipient and any other form of undesirable promotion of content.
  8. Posting, publishing, transmitting, transferring or use of other method for the installation and/or promotion and/or disposal of content that contains digital viruses or any other electronic code, files or programs designed to interfere, destroy or limit the operation of any software or computer equipment or telecommunications equipment.
  9. Interfering with the services or dismantling of the services or servers or networks that are connected with the services of, or disobeying the conditions, processes and rules of use of these networks.
  10. Violating, with or without intention, any local, national, European, international legislation and/or any rule that has legislative force and concerns and/or covers any service of
  11. Harassing by any means the private life and the individual and social rights of other users/members (as the collection and/or storage of personal data of other users/members).

Should receive notice of any content that is contrary to the above terms, it maintains the right to proceed with the direct deletion of this content and to simultaneously stop the account operation of the user/member that violates the present terms. The user/member comprehends and accepts the international nature of Internet and commits to respect and to comply with the local rules of ethics of each state. Particularly, the user/member commits to comply with the legislation regarding the data transmission from Greece and Europe to third countries.


The user/member of comprehends and accepts that he/she maintains the exclusive responsibility for compensating and its collaborators for any legal conflict that may arise between SKIAS engineering T.O. and third-party institutions because of the content that he/she allocates for posting, publication, or other transfer via the services of

  • START/TERMINATION OF OPERATION OF SERVICES maintains the right to modify and/or to interrupt temporarily or permanently, in part or in total, its services with or without any prior warning to its users/members.


The user/member comprehends and accepts that maintains the exclusive right to interrupt the use of the access codes to its services and/or to interrupt the availability of its content to the users/members that it believes they have violated the letter and the spirit of the present Terms of Use & Service.


Except the expressly stated exceptions (third-parties intellectual rights, collaborators and institutions), all the content of, including software, pictures, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, provided services and all the files of this web site in general, constitute intellectual property, registered trademarks and trademarks of services of SKIAS engineering T.O. and they are protected by the respective provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions and treaties. Consequently, none of these, in total or in part, can be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished, downloaded, transmitted or distributed by any means. Individual storage of one and alone copy of a part of the content in a simple personal computer, for personal and non public or commercial use and without eliminating their statement of origin from and without by no means offending the respective intellectual and industrial property rights, is excluded. The rest of the products or services that are reported in the electronic pages of present node and have the trademarks of corresponding organisms, companies, collaborative institutions, unions or publications, constitute their own intellectual and industrial property and consequently these institutions have the respective responsibility. The user/member comprehends and accepts that he/she is not provided with the right to repeat, copy, sell, resell and/or commercially exploit, by any means, the content in total or in part.


Given the nature and the volume of Internet, under no conditions, including also the case of negligence, is accountable for any form of damage that may occur to the visitor/user of pages, services, options and content of in which he/she proceeds with his/her own initiative. The content of is provided "as precisely is" without any expressed or even, by any means, implied guarantee. In the highest degree and according to the law, denies all the expressed or even implied guarantees, including, but no limited to, those that imply the merchantability and the appropriateness for a particular aim. does not guarantee that the pages, the services, the options and the content will be provided without interruption, without faults and that the errors will be corrected. Also, does not guarantee that itself or any other related site or servers on which they are placed for disposal to the users/members do not contain "viruses" or other detrimental components. In no case, does guarantee the correctness, the completeness or even the availability of content, pages, services, options or their results. The cost of any likely corrections or services is undertaken by the visitor/user and in no case by

  • LINKS TO OTHER SITES does not check the availability, the content, the policy of protecting any personal data, the quality and the completeness of services of other web sites and pages to which it refers via links, hyperlinks or advertising banners. Consequently, for any problem that it may occur during their visit/use, the user owes to contact directly the respective web sites and pages, which also entirely hold the respective responsibility for the providing of their services. In no case should be considered to adopt or accept the content or the services of the referred web sites and pages or to be connected with them by any means.

  • ELECTRONIC TRADE (E-COMMERCE) provides its visitors/users with the possibility to purchase services and/or products via applications of electronic trade according to the specific terms set and also taking under consideration the protection of personal data that they submit for the use of these services. SKIAS engineering T.O. is obliged to comply with the decision Z1-496/2000 regarding the sales by distance and the provisions of Law 2251/1994 on the Customer Protection. Thus, is obliged to inform its potential customers about a) the essential characteristics of the product and/or services that offers, b) the price, c) the quantity and the shipment costs, d) the added value tax provided that it is not included in the price, e) the means of payment, f) the means of delivery and execution, g) the duration an offer or price is in effect and h) the right of retraction. The access to the pages/services of does not involve any additional cost beyond the fees set for the general access to the Internet as they have been shaped by the responsible suppliers (ISP's) and which are only paid to them.

The user may order products by electronic order through web site. Before placing an order, the user should register with and provide a billing and shipping address, becoming thus a customer. After selecting the items he wishes to order, the user/customer is asked to select the payment and shipping method of his choice. By confirming his order, the order is completed and an e-mail is automatically sent to the user/customer including the "Purchase Order". The user/customer can check his order status anytime by logging in to his account and clicking on "My Account" link. The user/customer may cancel an order that has not been shipped, by contacting SKIAS engineering T.O. For any problem with the order, the user/customer should contact SKIAS engineering T.O. immediately.

The user/customer may pay for his order either by a bank deposit, by PayPal service or by a credit card. The credit card transaction process is covered by the most current security standards in the secure server of EUROBANK S.A. with 128 bit encryption - the maximum currently available in Europe - verified by VeriSign, Inc. During the first use of a credit card in SKIAS engineering T.O., the user/customer may be asked to send a photocopy of his ID and Credit Card, either by fax or e-mail. This additional procedure aims to avoid using stolen credit cards and protect their legitimate owners. This information remains absolutely confidential and is not passed to any third parties. Before entering any personal or credit card information, the user/customer should verify that the url at the address bar of his Web Browser should start with: "https" (not "http"). Also, at a specific area of his Web Browser an icon of a lock should show up verifying that he is on a secure connection. In a different case, the user/customer should not complete any of his personal or credit card information and should contact SKIAS engineering T.O. immediately in order to report the problem.

The shipping methods and costs vary according to the shipment country selected by the user/customer during the electronic order procedure. SKIAS engineering T.O. collaborates with different courier and post agencies and the ordered items are usually shipped in the next working day. The shipping expenses and any custom fees that may apply are exclusively payable by the user/customer.

A user/customer may return any delivered items given that all the following conditions apply:

  1. The item has been purchased in a physical format [CD] and not in an electronic format [DOWNLOAD]
  2. The return date is not later than 10 working days from the date the user received his order, and
  3. The packaging is not opened and it is at its original (factory) condition.

A user/customer that wishes to return an item is asked to:

  1. Pack the item into a bigger box in order to be protected during the shipping.
  2. Include a photocopy of his invoice into the package as well as a report stating the method he wishes to proceed with the refund, if the item is found to be eligible for return.
  3. Send the package, via a courier agency of his choice, to SKIAS engineering T.O., 30 Agorastaki st., 73134 Chania - Crete, Greece.

The shipping cost for returning an item is payable by the user/customer and in the case the returned item does not fulfil the above mentioned conditions, it will be sent back to the user/customer at his own expense.


The above Terms of Use & Service of, as well as any modification of them, are conditioned and supplemented by the Greek law, the law of European Union and the respective international treaties. If any provision of the above terms is rendered contrary to the law, it is not considered in effect and it is removed from the present, without in any case to offend the effect of the remaining terms. The present Terms of Use & Service constitute the total agreement between SKIAS engineering T.O. and the visitor/user of pages/services of and binds only them. No modification of these terms will be taken into consideration and constitute part of this agreement, unless it has been formulated in written and incorporated into this.

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